Switching with EMU-1

The circuit breaker EMU-1 combines the advantages of mechanic and electronic switches by implementing them both in series inside the module. In general the EMU-1 switches the energy only over the electronic switches, using the power transistors. The mechanical switch in EMU-1 is only there to accomplish the galvanic isolation.

switching with EMU-1

  • When you turn ON:  first the load is switched mechanically then electronically
  • When you turn OFF: first the load is switched electronically then mechanically

This ensures that the mechanical contacts never experience an electrical stress. As a result the used relay in EMU-1 has small dimensions and is more durable than when the relay had to provide the real power switching to the load.

The moment of switch action is automatically carried out by the circuit breaker EMU-1 at the optimum state:

  • Turning ON takes place at the zero crossing of the AC voltage
  • Switching OFF takes place at the zero crossing of the alternating current (except in the short-circuit situations where a shutdown occurs immediately)

Switching electrically or mechanically?

The switching of power to the load can generally be carried out mechanically or electronically. A relay is a component, which realizes a mechanical switch. An advantage of a mechanical switch is the fact of galvanic isolation between the load and the mains. Otherwise, a mechanical switch has following disadvantages:

  • slow reaction time
  • subject of “bouncing”
  • exact switching moment is out of control 
  • the switch capacity is limited for non-resistive loads
  • To switch while in short circuit condition is impossible

A MOSFET or IGBT transistor is a component, which realizes an electronic switch. Unlike a mechanical switch, galvanic isolation is not possible with an electronic switch. But the electronic switch overcomes all the disadvantages that are associated with a mechanical switch. Beside the ability to keep control over the switching capability while in short circuit, an electronic switch has following advantages:

  • exact switching time
  • fast switching
  • no bouncing
  • better behavior when switching non-resistive loads

Dimming with EMU-1

It is possible to use the EMU-1 circuit breaker as a dimmer right away. You are able to set a wide variety of dimming types over the user interface:

  • Skipping half-periods
  • Skipping full-periods
  • Pre-Phase and Post-Phase cutting methods

How to buy EMU-1

This module will be available for purchasing by the end of year.  If you are interested to get one device, you can register yourself to receive an offer as soon as the product is available.