Socket Server Address

<URL>: host name or IP address to the installed EMU hardware
<value>: is an IP version 4 address as a decimal number string with dots: a.b.c.d
By default the web server address is used as socket listener address



Communication with the hardware is based on two simultaneous paths. One path is served by the local web server in the hardware to create the user interface pages on a browser using the HTTP protocol. On the other hand a second channel serves all live data, dynamically shown in the user interface, without the need to load the web page every time. The data values on the page, which magically gets updated in behind are served via a socket server in the hardware. 

There is no force to keep the web server and the socket server on the same hardware. Therefore, when the socket server is not installed on the same server as the web server, then the IP address of the remote socket listener can be set with this command. The remote socket listener is the server, which provides the user interface with the live hardware monitoring data. Additionally any hardware configurations to the hardware are also communicated over this channel.

See more setting options for remote socket listener here: socP – Remote Socket Listener Port