ars – gotoDashboard

<URL>: host name or IP address to the installed EMU hardware
<value>: is delay in milliseconds

By default the delay is 1000 milliseconds

(accessing the on-line EMU-emulator)


The EMU software allows to run automatically java scripts, when the user interface starts. The command ars ( Auto-Run-Script ) followed by the string “gotoDashboard” simulates a user mouse-click on the logo page, after the logo is shown in the browser. The value in the command string is optional and allows to set a delay before the logo page fades out and the main dashboard is shown. 

Below the auto run script code, which gets executed by the ars=gotoDashboard command. Any auto-run script has a function called “autorunFunction“, which runs some checks, make needed settings and handles the delay before the code is executed. The marked section is finally the desired code, in this case only one line, which leads the browser to show the dashboard.