User Interface of EMU-1

The circuit breaker EMU-1 is equipped with an internal web server that can be accessed via WLAN. Over a standard browser the user can access the user interface and has the following options:

  • Configure fully the device
  • Control the connected load
  • View or export the actual & historical power usage data
  • Combine events with special tasks, actions or logging
  • Connect the device to online services
  • Define functions in combination with other EMU-1 devices
  • Perform Firmware updates

The user interface’s layout is fully responsive and adapts automatically to the browser to ensure an optimal representation of the elements on the screen not only on PC, but also on mobile devices.

The user interface supports different languages and protects sensitive areas by forcing the user to log in with a password. “Coockies” are used to save user settings and habits locally, in order to achieve best experience for the user.

Here a direct link to an simulator, which gives the same view and feeling as if one is working directly with a device.

How to buy EMU-1

This module will be available for purchasing by the end of year.  If you are interested to get one device, you can register yourself to receive an offer as soon as the product is available.