Energy Management Unit

Circuit Breaker EMU-1 EMU-1 Breif Description


EMU-1 is a highly integrated, single phase energy management unit, which operates fully standalone with enhanced capabilities in:

  • Switching: on, off, dim, timer function
  • Protecting: based on various configurable fault conditions
  • Measuring: current, voltage, power, Cos φ, etc.
  • Metering: energy consumption, real & reactive-power

Four processors allow the modul to work fully independently:

  • a µController for the real-time actions like switching and protecting
  • a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for the complex calculations of various measurements
  • a host CPU for web- & socket services, up to 32 GByte storage & many applications
  • a dedicated wireless processor for the TCP/IP communication via WLAN

At switching or circuit breaking actions the load is not only taken off from power by internal switching transistors, but also via a relay to ensure galvanic disconnection.

This modul can not only be installed in 110/220 VAC environments, but also in 24 to 310 VDC installations.

The allowed current flow to the load can be set between 0.05 and 16 Amperes. Power to the load gets interrupted (circuit-breaker-function), if the current to the load stays more than 10 to 400 millisecond (configurable) over the defined current limit.

The modul is protected against over temperature and turns the load off, if the modul gets too hot.

The EMU-1 has an integrated Web-Server, which is accessible via WLAN. The user is able to configure the circuit breaker and control / monitor the load via a normal web browser. This is possible by using a PC, tablet-PC, smart phone, iPad or iPhone.

The EMU-1 with  the  dimensions of 12 x 5 x 2,6 cm has a small form factor and is mountable on rails with 1 to 2.3 mm strengths according to DIN EN 60 715

How to buy EMU-1

This module will be available for purchasing by the end of year.  If you are interested to get one device, you can register yourself to receive an offer as soon as the product is available.